Washing Your Lingerie in 5 Simple Steps

  • by Riley Speers
Washing Your Lingerie in 5 Simple Steps

How to wash your lingerie


The team at The August House gets this common question form our customers all the time so we thought we'd provide a simple answer! Check out our guide on washing your lingerie below:


1. Sort your lingerie by material type


Sort your tops and intimates by the materials they're made of. Your lace, padded bras and any pieces that have an underwire should always be washed by hand. Pieces that have no wire, cotton and sport pieces can be safely machine-washed (a lingerie bag is highly recommended for this). Always wash your pieces by their colors, too!

2. Remove any stains

Make sure to remove any stains from your lingerie before washing them by hand or in a machine to ensure those stains don't end up being permanent or end up transferring to your other pieces! Whether you have body oil, make-up or self-tanner stains, make sure you remove these beforehand!

3. Hand washing or machine washing your lingerie

Hand Wash

Handwashing is the safest method for washing any lingerie pieces, but it's imperative to increase the longevity of your bras, silks and any fine lace pieces.


An easy way to hand wash your lingerie is to submerge and soak your pieces for 30 minutes using your favorite laundry detergent.


Rinse your pieces well using cool water through each piece until the water no longer becomes soapy - ensure you don't wring your pieces to ensure you don't accidentally damage any.

Machine washing

When you machine wash your lingerie, make sure you fasten any bands on your pieces and place them in to a lingerie bag to help preserve any elastics in your lingerie. A lingerie bag also helps to prevent any tearing or snagging from your washing machine during the wash.

4. Air Drying your lingerie

It's always recommended to air dry your lingerie to ensure longevity of your pieces. Drying your pieces in your dryer will reduce the lifespan of the materials and reduce the moisture-wicking properties your piece may contain.


To remove any wrinkles from your lingerie, we recommend to not use an iron but to use steamer instead. A steamer will ensure you don't damage any of your delicates!

5. Proper storage to keep shape

Make sure you store your lingerie properly to help keep their shape for as long as possible. Make sure you fold your bras in to one-another to help keep their shape. Make sure you remove and indents before doing so.

To check out more tips on storing your lingerie, check out our article on lingerie storage tips here.

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